Postgraduate study


Postgraduate studies

Dive into Computer Science

Program information

Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software packages

We welcome young scholars and prospective teachers that are interested in computer science and have experience in research or application in information technology.

Course content

Research component

  • Scientific activities aimed at preparing the thesis for the defence
  • Preparing for dissertation defense
  • Preparation of publications and (or) patent application  

Educational component

  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematical modeling, numerical analysis and software systems 

State final attestation

  • Assessment of the thesis and dissertation 
The Program is to be completed in 3 years of full-time studies.
Language of education is English.
— University degree in mathematical, technical or physic-mathematical science;

— We appreciate your teaching and lecturing experience in computer science disciplines;

— Scientific publications in journals included in Web of science, Scopus;

English language proficiency — Intermediate or above Internationally recognized English Language certificates (IELTS 6.5 and above, TOEFL 88 and above)

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Place an application

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Register in admissions portal account, fill in the details and all the mandatory fields, press submit to complete an application.


Proceed to further selection rounds

Successful applications are selected for further consideration. This includes an interview with the Head of Ph.D. department and professor, soft skills assessment and English language proficiency testing.


Receive scholarship offer

Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer. Please contact at for more information.

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