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We welcome young scholars and prospective teachers that are interested in computer science and have experience in research or application in information technology.

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Course content

Core courses

  • History and philosophy of science; 
  • Foreign language; 
  • Informatics and computer science; 


  • Pedagogical practice; 
  • Practice in gaining professional skills and professional experience. 

Academic research

  • Scientific research activity; 
  • Preparation of scientific qualification work (dissertation thesis) for the degree of candidate of sciences. 

State final attestation

  • Preparation for and passing the state exam; 
  • Presentation of a scientific report on the main results of the prepared scientific qualification work (dissertation). 
The Program is to be completed in 4 years of full-time studies.
Language of education is English.

Bahrami Mohammad Reza 

Mathematical modeling and simulation of physical systems, vibration analysis of mechanical systems, NEMS.

Brown Joseph Alexander 

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Six Sigma and Manufacturing Quality Control, HCI and Consumer Testing 

Fahim Muhammed 

Machine Learning based R&D, HCI design for new products 

Gaponov Igor 

Wearable robots and exoskeletons, system dynamics, control systems, novel mechanisms and actuators 

Hramov Alexander 

Neuroscience, artificial intelligence, nonlinear dynamics, brain-computer interfaces, complex network theory 

Hussain Rasheed 

Information Security, Privacy, Applied Cryptography, Named Data Networking (NDN), Future Internet Architecture, Vehicular Networks, Connected Car, Autonomous Car Security

Ivanov Vladimir 

Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Engineering, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning Methods for Text Processing 

Kanatov Alexey 

System software development, programming languages and compilers, object-oriented programming, project and people management, biz operations

Kazmi Ahsan 

Resource management in 5G networks, interference management in coexisting networks, vehicular networks

Khan Adil 

Machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence 

Kholodov Yaroslav 

Analysis of transportation data, adaptive flow control algorithms, road state forecast 

Klimchik Alexandr 

Industrial robotics, automation, collaborative robotics, new robotic solutions, human-Robot Interaction, interactive robot control 

Kurkin Semen 

Neuroscience, mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence, nonlinear dynamics, brain-computer interfaces, microwave electronics, radiophysics 

Mazzara Manue

Software development, process, quality, and IT trends 

Merkin Leonid 

Non-linear dynamics, computer algebra, functional programming, type theory, real-time systems, stochastic processes, financial mathematics, algorithmic trading 

Naumchev Alexandr 

Software requirements, software development, software verification, software security, statistical analysis 

Oracevic Alma 5G Networks, Security of the Internet of Things, Secure Target Tracking, Target Detection, Radio Access Network Architecture, Software Defined Networking, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, SD-MANET architecture design, Wireless Sensor Networks 

Sadovykh Andrey 

Software Engineering, Innovation Management Consulting, Project Management / Coordination 

Savin Sergey 

Robotics (walking robots, in-pipe robots, exoskeletons), Control Theory, Machine Learning, Tensegrity Robots 

Shilov Nikolay 

Formal specification and verification of algorithms, programs and software systems 

Succi Giancarlo Software engineering, software process assessment and analysis, agile methods, technology transfer in software engineering 

Zouev Eugene Software development, programming languages' semantics, compiler design and implementation

— University degree in mathematical, technical or physic-mathematical science; 

— We appreciate your teaching and lecturing experience in computer science disciplines; 

— Scientific publications in journals included in Web of science, Scopus; 

English language proficiency — Intermediate or above Internationally recognized English Language certificates (IELTS 6.5 and above, TOEFL 88 and above) 


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420500 Innopolis, Russia 1, Universitetskaya Str.

Admissions Committee

+7 (843) 203-92-53 (ext. 254) 

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