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International Applicants

World-class IT education in Russia in English


international students from  40 countries  


scholarships  for international candidates 


tuition fee


monthly allowance

7 reasons to study at Innopolis University:

#1 Study Scholarships

based on the selection results, students receive scholarships covering up to 100% of the tuition fees

#2 World Recognised Faculty

international experts having a vast practical experience in implementation of large-scale IT projects

#3 High Educational Standards

IU Master's programs are developed in collaboration with leading IT universities: Carnegie-Mellon and University of Amsterdam. All programs are taught in English

#4 Focus on Practice

over 40% of the academic program is devoted to practical activities performed as team projects

#5 Enhanced Options

internships offered by leading Russian IT companies (Yandex, AkBars, Acronis, Cognitive Technologies, Infowatch, Sbertech, etc.), exchange programs, start-up support

#6 Unique Environment

nature at your doorstep, comfortable student apartments, 24/7 security service, free sports facilities

#7 Advanced Monthly Allowance

 up to $250-600, based on academic performance 


Where do work graduates?

The main indicator of the effectiveness of the university is the success of its graduates. 

 That is why we make sure that graduates get a worthy position in the leading companies in the Russian market of the IT industry, which make it possible not only to participate in ambitious projects, but also to grow in the professional spheres

Webinars for International Candidates Scholarship application steps F.A.Q. Cooperation Olympiads bonuses Admission Calendar 2021
- English at Intermediate level and higher 

NO Russian language requirements apply. 

English is an official language of instruction at Innopolis University. 

- Basic knowledge of Computer Science 

- Knowledge in Math, Physics, Informatics, Programming and Robotics 

- Work experience for Master programs 

There are two programs, Master in Data Science and Master in Robotics, which don’t require the working experience strictly, and where internships, teaching assistance, etc. may be considered as sufficient for entering the programs. 

- Previous education: 

Bachelor’s level: school certificate 

Master’s level: University certificate 

NB! One can apply for one program only. Only one application per candidate is allowed. 

NB! Once your application is submitted, the change of a program choice can be made on the Admissions Committee approval only. 

One can enroll in Innopolis University programs through the Scholarship competition or entrance examination with further tuition fee payment.

1. Scholarship options

  • There are several scholarship options which can be offered based on candidates' results and performance at the scholarship competition. 
  • The scholarship offer is valid for the whole duration of the program (2 years for Master programs, 4 years for Bachelor program). 
  • The scholarship offer can be accepted and used within current year only

100% scholarship: full tuition fee coverage + monthly allowance 

75/50/25% scholarship: 75/50/25% tuition fee discount, no monthly allowance

For master students, MSIT-SE and MSSSNE programs, who are studying on the full scholarship with the employment condition (1 year of paid work at Innopolis University), it is possible to combine the 2d year of the program (=internship) and the employment at IU.

Thus, it would take 2 years total to complete both the program and the employment, After the 2 years the diploma will be issued and a student will be free to proceed either to further studies or work (or both) anywhere. This condition will be added to the contracts.

2. Fee-based education

International applicants also can be enrolled in fee-based programs by passing entrance examination tests and paying tuition fee.

Tuition fee for 2021/2022 academic year is 800 000 RUB/yearboth for Bachelor and Master programs.

CV / portfolio 

  1. - study and work experience in detail, 
  2. - achievements related to Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Informatics, Robotics, English language and Sports. In your CV you are expected to show your study and work experience with details, as well as your achievements related to Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Informatics, English language and Sports. It is desirable to show your achievements since they show your proficiency and progress in particular fields.

(BSc only) 

Please let us know if you are/were within past 4 years a national team member at international Olympiads in Informatics, Math, Physics (IOI, IMO, IPhO), ACM/ICPC, WRO - the achievements of that kind are a big advantage at the stage of application and later (in case you get a grant and accept it) provide you with an advanced monthly allowance.

Motivation letter 

- explanation to your CV / portfolio 

Letter(s) of recommendation 

- optional, can be attached to the CV / portfolio

English language proficiency certificate 

English is an official language of instruction at Innopolis University. Therefore, each candidate has to confirm his/her English proficiency in one of the following ways: 

- providing an international English language test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL (including TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition), Duolingo English Test), OR 

- taking IU extended English test (free of charge), OR 

- providing an official letter from your School/University stating that the studies were delivered in English. 

The confirmation can be provided after receiving a scholarship offer, at latest. 

>>> For your convenience there are templates and guidelines provided in Admission Documents section of your application 

NB! All documents should be provided in .pdf format. All documents should be provided in English.

Diploma / Secondary School certificate + Transcript

Diploma / Secondary School certificate 

– required for the applilcation, in case you already graduated. 

Transcript (marksheet) 

– required for the applilcation, in case you already graduated; 

– can be issued either as an additional document to your Diploma / School leaving certificate OR as a Diploma Supplement. 

In case you have both documents, upload them as one .pdf file. 

NB! It is common for some Schools and Universities to issue the Certificates, Diplomas and Transcripts within 6-12 months after graduation. If this applies to you, please enquire an official letter from your School / University to confirm your student status, current academic performance and expected date of graduation and receiving the document


At the stage of application your passport is required to confirm your personal identity. 

NB! In case you don’t have your national passport yet, please upload any of your IDs with a photo of yours (e.g. a driver's license or a student card), as a temporary document. Once you have your national passport data, please let us know of it. 

Documents to be prepared by you:

1. Passport – required for visa and enrollment 

- notarized translation into Russian: pages with personal information (usually first two pages) 

NB! Your passport should be valid within 18 months starting from Aug, 2021 (i.e. till March 2023). In case your passport expires earlier, you will have to apply for a new passport before proceeding to your visa application and enrollment. 

  1. 2. Diploma / Secondary School certificate + Transcript – required for enrollment 
  2. - notarized translation into Russian, all pages 
  3. NB! In case you won’t have the documents yet, an official certificate stating the estimated date of issue of your certificate / diploma shall be presented. 

  4. IMPORTANT: According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, educational documents issued in some foreign countries can be accepted by Russian organizations only after legalization procedure. Check if it applies to your country: .

Documents to be prepared by Innopolis University:

1) Scholarship offer/ Contract (email) 

is issued by Innopolis University to those who successfully passed the scholarship competition steps 

2) Scholarship confirmation letter/ Acceptance letter (paper/email) 

is issued by Innopolis University to those who accept the scholarship, can be used at work and at visa application 

3) Visa invitation letter (e-copy) 

is inquired by Innopolis University and issued by Russian Migration Service to those who accept the scholarship and provide all required documents 

NB! Procedures like translation into Russian and notarisation of the translated documents; application for recognition procedure within legalization process can be done by you personally or can be performed by Innopolis University on an Paid Services Agreement. 

Please see the Paid Services Agreement (amended as of June 06, 2020) for details.

The scholarship competition, fee-based education and the enrollment are conducted according to Innopolis University documentation. Please read the documents carefully to understand the scholarship conditions.

1) REGULATION on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from far-abroad countries .PDF file

2) HIGHER EDUCATION GRANT CONTRACT - available within the Regulation, pp 11-27 

3) CONTRACT on Higher Education Studies Bachelor's program .PDF file and Master's program .PDF file

NB! The contracts will be signed remotely first, and we will use the scans of the documents for your timely enrollment. Later on, the documents shall be signed with live signatures and exchanged either in person or via post service within the first academic year (the way of exchanging the original documents will depend on the situation with the pandemic). 

More information is here

Important moments to be noticed in the Enrollment Documents


- Regulation on the Competition for Higher Education Grants for Bachelor's and Master’s Degree Programs for the participants from far-abroad countries = Regulation

- Higher Education Grant Contract = Grant Contract

- Contract on Higher Education Studies = Contract

Grant = tuition fee coverage (full or partial), offered to candidates based on the grant contest results. Grant conditions vary depending on a category of the grant recipients, and may include scholarship (monthly allowance) and employment obligations.


(see Regulation, clause 1.4 and Grant Contract, Article 4)

1. Grant offer duration

The grant offer is valid for the whole period of studies: Bachelor program - 4 years, Master programs - 2 years. Once confirmed before the enrollment, the grant conditions shall not be changed.

2. Why there are two contracts for Scholarship students (Grant Contract and Contract)? 

One of the documents - the Contract - defines the relationship between you as a Student and Innopolis University as an educational institution. 

Another document - the Grant Contract - states you as the scholarship receiver (Grantee) and confirms that your study fees are covered by the scholarship and not your personal money.

3. A Grantee’s responsibilities 

To master an academic program is a central and vital responsibility of grantees from far-abroad countries. 

There are two main responsibilities introduced to grantees from far-abroad countries. 

1) Grant/scholarship payback responsibilities 

(see Grant Contract, Article 5) 

2) Obligation to work upon graduation 

For some categories of the Grant recipients, a scholarship offer includes an obligation to work for either IU or an Innopolis company upon graduation.The scholarship conditions shall not be changed during the studies or upon the graduation. I.e. in case your scholarship offer doesn’t mention the work obligation, that will be valid for the whole duration of your studies and won’t be changed. 

(see Regulations, clause 1.8 and Grant Contract, clauses 1.2, 3.1, 3.4)

4. A student’s responsibilities

A student is obliged to attend lectures and classes, provide all project reports timely and pass exams. He/she is also responsible for treating the University’s property carefully and obeying the rules of accommodation at the University Campus. 

(see Grant Contract, clause 3.1)

5. Can someone receive the grant for a second time?

In case you pass the grant contest successfully, get the grant offer, accept it, come to Innopolis University, sign the contracts and start your studies - your grant is considered authorized. In this case you are not eligible for receiving the grant for a second time. 

(see Regulation, clause 2.2) 

Meanwhile, in case you participate in the grant contest and for some reason don’t pass it or don’t accept the grant offer, you are absolutely eligible to apply for the grant for a second time next year. 

This rule applies to a certain level of education. I.e. one is eligible for having several IU grants for different levels of education. One can study the IU bachelor program with a grant, and then apply for another IU grant for master studies, and then even apply for a grant to study a PHD program in IU.

Please note: When it comes to signing the enrollment contracts, there are some supplementary documents as Request for admission and Consent on personal data processing to be reviewed and signed. They are usually prepared on a day of enrollment.

NB! For Scholarship students: the scholarship covers tuition fees only. All other expenses are to be covered by a student. For your convenience there are some major expenses listed below, so you can estimate your expenses and plan your finances ahead.

For non-Scholarship students: tuition fee - 800.000 Rubles/year (in case a student doesn't have discount), both for Bachelor and Master programs.

For your convenience there are some major expenses listed below, so you can estimate your expenses and plan your finances ahead.

The expenses to be covered by a candidate,regardless the scholarship amount: 

- all visa-related expenses (travel, fees); 

- all legalization expenses (travel, translations, fees); 

- medical services (medical insurance for getting a visa + student medical insurance); 

- accommodation while travelling to and living in Innopolis; 

- food, travel, clothes and other daily expenses.

1. Visa-related expenses (visa, fees) - amount varies

2. Legalization expenses  (travel, translations, fees) - amount varies: in case you send us your education documents scans and we confirm that in our case legalization is required 

3. Travel expenses (from your country to Russia) - amount varies

4. Personal photos (for enrollment) - 300 RUB: in case you order the photos in Innopolis/Kazan

5. Expenses for Equivalency certificate (state fee) - 6500 RUB: in case you have not graduated from High School/University in Russia

6. Expenses for Equivalency certificate (IU paid services) - 4000 RUB: in case you choose IU to apply for the recognition for you (2000 RUB for obtaining the certificate and 4000 RUB for filling in the application)

7. Transfer from railway station - 1000 RUB: in case you choose IU to arrange a transfer from Kazan railway station to Innopolis (taxi ride ~ 600 RUB)

8. Transfer from airport - 2000 RUB: in case you choose IU to arrange a transfer from Kazan airport to Innopolis (taxi ride ~ 1200 RUB)

9. Health insurance, per year - 4500 RUB: minimum health insurance yearly plan, can be increased on your choice

10. Mobile connection, per month - 500 RUB: around 500 RUB/month, in case you buy any Russian sim card (e.g. Tele 2 or MTS), although please be aware that there is free wi-fi and cable connection at IU campus

11. Transportation fees - 1500 RUB: bus fare is 100 RUB (if paid by card) and 150 RUB (if paid in cash) one-way from Kazan to Innopolis

12. Visa prolongation (state fee) - 1600 RUB: we will apply for the visa prolongation for you

13. IU accommodation, per month - 2400 RUB: placement in IU studio apartments for two or five people

14. Meals, per month - 10000 RUB: maximum meal plan (3 meals daily, 7 days a week); partial meals plans are also available

15. Meal in Kazan cafe, average price - 500 RUB

16. Cup of coffee, average price - 200 RUB

17. Bus fare, Kazan - 30 RUB

18. Cinema ticket, average price - 350 RUB

19. Museum ticket, average price - 350 RUB: cheaper with a student card

20. Bike rental, average price per hour - 250 RUB

21. Innopolis sport complex facilities - free: free for students upon enrollment

22. Innopolis sport complex skiing and snowboarding gear, ski passes - free: free for students upon enrollment

Money exchange

At Innopolis one can pay for everything with a credit card, though it is good to have some cash in Rubles for any unexpected needs. There is an exchange point (EUR, USD) in Innopolis Technopark – though they accept new paper money only (in very good condition) and do not accept damaged or old paper money. Also, there are currency exchange points at the airports (you may go there on your arrival to Moscow or Kazan airport) and many of them are available in Kazan (wh ere you can go after the registration and check-in at Innopolis).

Upon your arrival you will be offered to apply for a Russian bank card to receive your monthly allowance and do any payments.

NB! Check if there are any scholarship programs available in your country to support students applying for higher education study programs abroad. This may help you raise some additional funds.

Once you accept the scholarship offer, we proceed to the visa arrangements. You will be asked to provide some extended information so we can apply for your visa invitation.

Study Visa 

Please note: It takes up to 30 days to receive the visa invitation letter from the Russian Migration Service. As soon the invitation letter is ready, we will also let you know and you will be able to set a date of your visit to a Russian Consulate in your country to apply for your Russian visa. The e-invitation will be sent directly to the Consulate. 

IMPORTANT: Please contact Russian Consulate in your country in advance to find out the list of required documents to apply for Single-entry study visa (90 days). 


Organization (организация): Autonomous noncommercial organization of higher education Innopolis University (Автономная некоммерческая организация высшего образования «Университет Иннополис») 

Address (адрес): Building 1, University street, city of Innopolis, 420500, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation 

Phone and email (телефон и электронная почта): +7 (843) 203-92-53, 

TIN (ИНН): 1655258235 

According to your visa invitation letter, you are eligible to apply for a GENERAL SINGLE-ENTRY STUDY VISA, 90 DAYS (ОДНОКРАТНАЯ ОБЫКНОВЕННАЯ УЧЕБНАЯ ВИЗА НА 90 ДНЕЙ) 

Dates of entry: are individual! Please refer to your visa invitation letter. 

Telex number: not applicable in your case. 

Invitation number (номер приглашения): displayed at upper left corner of your visa invitation letter (also repeated at lower right corner under a barcode). Example: 161800 2R4607161

>>>Once you arrive in Russia and sign your study and scholarship documents, the visa will be extended for 1-year Multiple-entry study type and will be renewed each study year. The visa extension fee is 1600 RUB.

Migration card

When you come to Russia and cross the border of our country, you get the migration card from Russian Migration Service (at the airport of arrival in Russia). You will be asked to provide the following information: 

Purpose of travel: Education; 

Name of host person or company, locality: Innopolis University, Innopolis city.

Registration paper

Once you arrive in Innopolis, you will have to submit your visa and migration card, and we will apply for a registration paper for you.

А) Every time you cross Russian border and get a new migration card, you need to be registered by the Migration Service within 3 days. Only in this case your residence in Russia will be legal. IU will apply for your registration, once you provide your documents (see below). 

В) Every time you overnight at any new place within Russia (even if you travel to a close-by place for one day), you have to renew your registration paper within 3 days. When you travel, hotels and hostels do the registration for you when checking you in. Please take the registration paper they will do for you and bring it to the next place of your residence.

NB! In case you don’t renew the registration properly, you will have problems with visa prolongation, and this will cost you time and money.

Please check the visa requirements, a Russian Consulate working hours and appointment details beforehand. 

Innopolis University Campus

Innopolis University is the heart of high-tech city Innopolis. Students, academic and university staff are provided with the most comfortable conditions for study, work and leisure. Innopolis University creates an environment filled with progressive ideas, combining bold initiatives and high level of professionalism.

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Student years are the most memorable and bright moments in life. The scope for students’ creative self-realization is arranged at Innopolis University. Numerous student and university initiatives run the gamut from creative to scientific clubs, activities involve organization of various sport and technical competitions.

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