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What is a Grant?

Partial tuition fee coverage, offered to candidates based on the grant contest results. Grant conditions vary depending on a category of the grant recipients, and may include employment obligations.

One can enroll in Innopolis University programs with a grant only. There are several grant options which can be offered based on candidates' results and performance at the grant competition. The grant offer is valid for the whole duration of the program (2 years for Master programs, 4 years for Bachelor program). The grant offer can be accepted and used within current year only.



The grant offer is valid for the whole period of studies: Bachelor program - 4 years, Master programs - 2 years. Once confirmed before the enrollment, the grant conditions shall not be changed.
One of the documents - the Contract - defines the relationship between you as a Student and Innopolis University as an educational institution. Another document - the Grant Contract - states you as the scholarship receiver (Grantee) and confirms that your study fees are covered by the scholarship and not your personal money. 

To master an academic program is a central and vital responsibility of grantees from far-abroad countries. 

NEW! Starting from the Fall-2020 intake, there are two main responsibilities introduced to grantees from far-abroad countries.

(see Grant Contract, Article 5)
For some categories of the Grant recipients, a scholarship offer includes an obligation to work for either IU or an Innopolis company upon graduation.The scholarship conditions shall not be changed during the studies or upon the graduation. I.e. in case your scholarship offer doesn’t mention the work obligation, that will be valid for the whole duration of your studies and won’t be changed. (see Regulations, clause 1.8 and Grant Contract, clauses 1.2, 3.1, 3.4) 
In case you pass the grant contest successfully, get the grant offer, accept it, come to Innopolis University, sign the contracts and start your studies - your grant is considered authorized. In this case you are not eligible for receiving the grant for a second time. (see Regulation, clause 2.2) 

Meanwhile, in case you participate in the grant contest and for some reason don’t pass it or don’t accept the grant offer, you are absolutely eligible to apply for the grant for a second time next year. This rule applies to a certain level of education. I.e. one is eligible for having several IU grants for different levels of education. One can study the IU bachelor program with a grant, and then apply for another IU grant for master studies, and then even apply for a grant to study a PHD program in IU.