Grant opportunities for international students

International students can go through the grant competiotion and win a tuition fee discount from 25% to 100%.

The grant competition is held annualy from December to April.

Grant conditions

All grant students (bachelor and master) should work in a company located in the city of Innopolis (the Republic of Tatarstan), for a legal entity that is a resident of the special economic zone "Innopolis" and / or registered or has a separate subdivision in the city of Innopolis in the Republic of Tatarstan no more than one year. The working period starts from the last year of studies.

Apply for a grant

To study for free, you need to apply for a paid grant



Conditions for obtaining a discount for studies

Grant options upon grant competition results

Grant amount


Tuition fee per year


Tuition fee per year

100% 0 ₽ 0 ₽
70% 240 000 ₽ 240 000 ₽
60% 320 000 ₽ 320 000 ₽
50% 400 000 ₽ 400 000 ₽
25% 600 000 ₽ 600 000 ₽
Without discount 800 000 ₽ 800 000 ₽

How to apply


Submit an application on the website




Take an online test

Sections for testing will appear in your personal account of the applicant after reviewing the questionnaires by the admissions manager


Pass the test

Take a profile test, an English test, a contest and an interview with HR and an industry representative


Receive a grant offer

The information will appear in your personal account, and you will also receive an email


Submit the original documents for enrollment

Come to Innopolis University at 1 Universitetskaya Street


Get a letter of enrollment and come to study with us!




Are there any age restrictions for applicants?

There are no age restrictions.

Can I apply for two Master's programs at the same time?

All Master’s programs have different content and criteria, so you can apply only for one program. In case we notice that your application is more suitable for another program, we will advise you to reconsider your choice.

Scholarship (Grant) offer duration

The grant offer is valid for the whole period of studies: Bachelor program - 4 years, Master programs - 2 years. Once confirmed before the enrollment, the grant conditions shall not be changed.

How do I know if my scholarship application has been approved?

All candidates, who have successfully passed the first round of the Contest, receive an e-mail with an invitation to take part in the second round. Confirmation must be sent within five days of receiving the letter. Otherwise, the candidacy is automatically withdrawn from the Contest.

Why are there two contracts (Grant Contract and Higher education contract)?

One of the documents - Higher education contract - defines the relationship between you as a Student and Innopolis University as an educational institution. Another document - the Grant Contract - states you as the scholarship receiver (Grantee) and confirms that your study fees are covered by the scholarship and not your personal money.

Can someone receive the Scholarship (Grant) for a second time?

In case you pass the grant contest successfully, get the grant offer, accept it, come to Innopolis University, sign the contracts and start your studies - your grant is considered authorized. In this case you are not eligible for receiving the grant for a second time. (see Regulation, clause 2.2)

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