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Admission for Fall-2024 will be finished on April 1.


international students from 40 countries

from 3500 ₽

accommodation fee/month

from 240 000₽

tuition fee per year

thoughtful students


The Russian Government offers the state scholarship for international students which includes tuition fee coverage and monthly allowance.
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Admission calendar


admission campaign


December 1 Admission start date
April 1 Application deadline
January 10 - June 1 Grant competition
April 1 - July 1 Grant offer
June 20 - August 1 Enrollment process
End of August Estimated academic year start
Apply for a grant

To study for free, you need to apply for a paid grant




Free education

Foreign students may apply for state-funded spots through the Rossotrudnichestvo federal agency. International olympiad winners are entitled to a 100% grant (for more information, please visit grant opportunities. In addition, students from the CIS countries may be enrolled in government scholarships.

Application documents

Application documents
CV / portfolio
- study and work experience in detail,
- achievements related to Mathematics, Physics, Programming, Informatics, Robotics, English language and Sports. In your CV you are expected to show your study and work experience in details, as well as any extracurricular achievements.

Motivation letter

Please support your CV with a motivation letter, where you can list your ambitions and why you are applying to study at Innopolis University.

English language proficiency certificate

English is an official language of instruction at Innopolis University. Therefore, each candidate has to confirm his/her English proficiency in one of the following ways:

- providing an international English language test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL (including TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition), OR

- taking IU extended English test (free of charge), OR

- providing an official letter from your School/University stating that the studies were delivered in English.

For your convenience there are templates and guidelines provided in Admission Documents section of your application.

All documents should be provided in pdf format. All documents should be provided in English.

Tuition fee and discounts

One can enroll in Innopolis University programs through grant competition with a discount or with full tuition fee payment.

1. Discounts
There are several tuition fee options which can be offered, based on candidates' results and performance at the grant competition.
The grant offer is valid for the whole duration of the program (2 years for Master's programs, 4 years for Bachelor's program)..
The grant offer can be accepted and used within the current year only.

  • 70% grant: tuition fee - 240000 rub/year, no monthly scholarship
  • 60% grant: tuition fee - 320000 rub/year, no monthly scholarship
  • 50% grant: tuition fee - 400000 rub/year, no monthly scholarship
  • 25% grant: tuition fee - 600000 rub/year, no monthly scholarship

Grant education requires a working period, depending on the amount of discount.

2. Fee-based education
International applicants can also be enrolled in fee-based programs by passing entrance examination tests and paying a tuition fee.
Tuition fee for 2024/2025 academic year is 800 000 RUB/year, both for Bachelor and Master programs.

Enrollment documents

Steps to be done:

IMPORTANT: According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, educational documents issued in some foreign countries can be accepted by Russian organizations only after legalization and recognition procedure. Check if it applies to your country: .

1. Legalization (if needed): Consular legalization or Apostille. Your Diploma/Graduation certificate and Transcript are needed to be legalized.

Consular legalization is 2 stamps (Stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where you received Diploma/Graduation certificate + Stamp of the Russian Embassy in the country where you received Diploma/Graduation certificate).

Apostille is a simplified legalization procedure. Apostille is put down on the original of the document or on a separate sheet, which is attached to the document and could be made in official language of the body which is giving it out; by competent authorized bodies of the country of issue of the document (example, State Secretary, Department of Education, Ministry of Education, educational institutions and others).

2. Translation into Russian*.

3. Recognition (if needed). The recognition certificate is needed for international applicants to be officially enrolled in a Russian university.

Procedures like notarized translation to Russian language and application for the recognition procedure can be done by you personally or can be performed by Innopolis University on an Paid Services Agreement. Please see the Paid Services Agreement for details.

Documents to be prepared by you:

1. Passport with notarized translation to Russian language (pages with personal information, usually first two pages). Required for visa and enrollment. Your passport should be valid for 18 months starting from June, 2022 (i.e. till January 2024). In case your passport expires earlier, you will have to apply for a new passport before proceeding to your visa application and enrollment.

2. Diploma / High School certificate + Transcript (notarized translations to Russian language, all pages)

Documents to be prepared by Innopolis University:

1) Grant offer/ Contract (email) is issued by Innopolis University for those who successfully passed grant competition steps.

2) Scholarship confirmation letter/ Acceptance letter (paper/email) is issued by Innopolis University for those who accept scholarship terms.

3) Visa invitation letter (e-copy) is inquired by Innopolis University and issued by Russian Migration Service for those who accept scholarship terms and provide all required documents.

**Document translations to Russian language are to be done in Russia or the Russian consulate/embassy. Document translations made in the following countries are accepted:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic

Estimated expenses

The expenses to be covered by a candidate, regardless of the discount size:
- all visa-related expenses (travel, fees);
- all legalization expenses (travel, translations, fees);
- accommodation while traveling to and living in Innopolis;
- food, travel, clothes and other daily expenses.
Expenses for recognition certificate (state fee) - 6500 RUB: in case you have not graduated from High School/University in Russia or the country of issuing High school certificate/Diploma doesn’t have a mutual recognition agreement with Russia.
Taxi from the airport - 2000 RUB
Health insurance - 5000 RUB per year - minimum health insurance yearly plan, can be increased on your choice
Mobile connection - 500 RUB per month.
Kazan-Innopolis bus fare - 200 RUB (cash), 180 RUB (card).
Visa prolongation (state fee) - 1800 RUB.
IU accommodation - 4000 RUB per month.

Money exchange
In Innopolis one can pay for everything with a credit card, though it is good to have some cash in rubles for any unexpected needs. There is an exchange point (EUR, USD) in Innopolis Technopark – though they accept new paper money only (in very good condition) and do not accept damaged or old paper money. Also, there are currency exchange points in the airports (you may go there on your arrival to Moscow or Kazan airport) and many of them are available in Kazan.
Upon your arrival you will be offered to apply for a Russian bank card to receive your monthly scholarship and do any payments.
Check if there are any scholarship programs available in your country to support students applying for higher education study programs abroad. This may help you raise some additional funds.

Visa and Registration

Study Visa

Please note it takes up to 30 days to receive the visa invitation letter from the Russian Migration Service. As soon the invitation letter is ready, we will let you know, and you will be able to set a date of your visit to a Russian Consulate in your country to apply for your Russian visa. The e-invitation will be sent directly to the Consulate.

IMPORTANT: Please contact the Russian Consulate in your country in advance to find out the list of required documents to apply for a single-entry study visa (90 days).


Organization (организация): Autonomous noncommercial organization of higher education Innopolis University (Автономная некоммерческая организация высшего образования «Университет Иннополис»)

Address (адрес): 1, Universitetskaya Str., Innopolis, 420500, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation

Phone and email (телефон и электронная почта): +7 (843) 203-92-53,

TIN (ИНН): 1655258235

According to your visa invitation letter, you are eligible to apply for a GENERAL SINGLE-ENTRY STUDY VISA, 90 DAYS (ОДНОКРАТНАЯ ОБЫКНОВЕННАЯ УЧЕБНАЯ ВИЗА НА 90 ДНЕЙ)

Dates of entry are individual, please refer to your visa invitation letter.

Telex number: not applicable in your case.

Invitation number (номер приглашения): visible in the left-hand corner of your visa invitation letter (also repeated in the top right-hand corner under a barcode). Example: 161800 2R4607161

Once you arrive in Russia and sign your documents, the visa will be extended for a 1-year multiple-entry study type and will be renewed every study year. The visa extension fee is 1600 RUB.

Migration card

When you come to Russia and cross the border of our country, you get the migration card from the Russian Migration Service (at the airport of arrival in Russia). You will be asked to provide the following information:

Purpose of travel: Education;

Name of host person or company, locality: Innopolis University, Innopolis.


Once you arrive in Innopolis, you will submit your visa and migration card, and we will apply for a registration card for you.

А) Every time you cross the Russian border and get a new migration card, you need to be registered by the Migration Service within 3 days. Only in this case your residence in Russia is legal. IU will apply for your registration, once you provide your documents (see below).

В) Every time you overnight at any new place within Russia (even if you travel to a close-by place for one day), you have to renew your registration card within 3 days. When you travel, hotels and hostels do registration for you when checking you in. Please take the registration card they will do for you and bring it to the next place of your residence.

In case you do not renew registration properly, you will have problems with visa extension, which will cost you time and money.

Please check visa requirements, the Russian Consulate working hours and appointment details beforehand.

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