Robotics and computer vision

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Master's program

Robotics and Computer Vision


About program

The Robotics and Computer Vision Master program is developed in accordance with the best world practices applied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Sapienza University of Rome, National University of Singapore.

The program includes a number of unique courses based on recent academic and technological research in the field of robotics, developed and taught by internationally recognized experts in the field. 

You are welcome to watch webinar recording to get more information about the program.

How to enroll?


Place an application

Selection criteria:  

— A technical university degree 

— Expertise in physics and mathematics (entry tests) 

— English language Proficiency (Intermediate level or higher) 

Register in admissions portal account, fill in application form with all the mandatory fields, take online tests and press submit to complete an application



Proceed to further selection rounds

Successful applications are selected for further consideration. We would like to see the candidates with strong expertise in physics and mathematics, programming skills, and ability to implement them at solving practical tasks. Knowledge of robotics is not compulsory.

Selection criteria:   

— Strong fundamentals in mathematics (linear algebra, mathematical analysis, differential equations, probability theory, statistics) 

— Understanding of physics and its processes (mechanics) 

— Programming skills (low level or/and high-level programming languages) 

— English language proficiency (IELTS test format) 

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Receive scholarship offer/

discount offer/

acceptance letter

- Scholarship students: Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer. 

Non-Scholarship students: Pay tuition fee (if you receive a discount too). - Provide your enrollment and visa documents and come to Innopolis in mid-August. 

We appreciate: 

1. Experience in industrial robotics 

2. Participation in robotics contests 

3. Scientific publications in journals included in Web of science, Scopus

Admission campaign 21/22


grants offered

to 480 USD

monthly allowance

from 2500 USD

tuition fee 

Course information

Duration: 2 years of full-time studies. Graduation project is a scientific research that students have to defend at the end of the course.

As a result of mastering the program, graduates acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of mechatronics, artificial intelligence and high-level management. Having a good set of tools, they will be able to apply them in practice. One of the topics will be studied in more detail in the process of writing the thesis.
Project work
Most of the courses are accompanied by projects that allow students to apply the knowledge gained to real-world problems in the industry.
Science project
As a final work, students implement a real project with partner companies of the University

1 semester 

Machine learning (*) 

Sensing, perception, and actuation 

Dynamics of non linear robotic systems Fundamentals of Robot Programming Fundamentals of Robot Control 

2 semester 

Computer vision (*) 

Behavioral and cognitive robotics Advanced robotics 

Autonomous systems 


3 semester 

Computational Intelligence 

Technical elective 

Humanitarian Elective 

4 semester 


Technical elective 

Humanitarian Elective   

The Center for Competences of the National Technology Initiative in the field of "Robotics and Mechatronics" was established at the Innopolis University in 2018.

Students can study and practice in the Laboratories:
— Industrial Robotics Lab 

— Autonomous Transportation Systems Lab 

— Laboratory of mechatronics, control and prototyping

— Laboratory of neuroscience and cognitive technologies

— Laboratory of special robotics 

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In 2018, 100 % of the students have been offered jobs by well-known and reputable organizations, and Innopolis partner companies: Kontur Innovation, Soramitsu Labs, Roadar and others.

Program graduates are sought after in Innopolis University laboratories working on real industry projects of KamAZ, Android technics, ARKODIM and many other companies.

The graduates are employed as: 

— Senior developer; 

— Research Engineer; 

— Software engineer; 

— Junior Researcher


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420500 Innopolis, Russia 1, Universitetskaya Str.

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