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Security and

Network Engineering


About program

The curriculum is based on System and Network Engineering program of the University of Amsterdam — the best master's program in the category "Computer Science" in Netherlands in 2018 (according to Keuzegids)  

The Secure Systems and Network Engineering (SNE) is a one-year master program designed for IT specialists who have 1+ year of work experience and who are aimed at professional and career development in the field of network security.
The program focuses on applied network engineering and computer security concepts, in order to expose the students to the real industry problems solving.

You are welcome to watch webinar recording to get more information about the program.

How to enroll?


Place an application

Selection criteria:  

— BS in Computer Science (preferably with specialization in Information Security) 

— At least 6 months of technical experience in information security 

— English language Proficiency (Intermediate level or higher) 

Register in admissions portal account, fill in application form with all the mandatory fields, take online tests and press submit to complete an application



Proceed to further selection rounds

Successful applications are selected for further consideration. 

Selection criteria:   

— Expertise in information technology Skilled at Linux-based operating systems 

— Basic knowledge of one or more programming languages (preferably Python), ability to work with shell scripts  

— English language proficiency (IELTS test format) 

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Receive scholarship offer/

discount offer/

Acceptance letter

- Scholarship students: Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer. 

Non-Scholarship students: Pay tuition fee (if you receive a discount too)    

- Provide your enrollment and visa documents and come to Innopolis in mid-August.

We appreciate: 

1. Experience in practical security (attack methods and IT infrastructure protection; computer incident investigation; software protection; code analysis and vulnerability assessment); 

2. Participation in CTF contests.  

Admission campaign 21/22


grants offered

to 480 USD

monthly allowance

from 2500 USD

tuition fee

Course information

Duration: 1 year of full-time studies + 1 year of paid internship in a company resident at Innopolis city. 

Start of studies: mid-August 

Language of tuition: English 

During the studies the first half of the day is devoted to lectures, and the second half is devoted to practical tasks and laboratory works. 
Learning principle
The training is designed on the OS3 (Open Standards, Open Software, Open Security) principle.
Industrial project
As a final work, students implement a real project with partner companies of the University.

Classical Internet Applications (CIA) 

— Booting 

— Operating system structures 

— DNS (Sec) 

— Email 

— Web 

InterNetworking and Routing 

— Basics of networking 

— IPv4 and IPv6 


— QoS 

— Routing (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP) 

— Advanced Routing and Traffic Engineering (MPLS,VPLS, VRF) 

Advanced Networking 

— SDN and CDN 

— Network attacks 

— VPN and IPsec 

— Network segmentation and ACLs 

— Network pivoting 

— Network tools 

Security of systems and networks (SSN) 

— Cryptographic algorithms and related technology 

— Secure Protocols (SSL, TLS, IPsec) 

— Secure booting 

— SSN Project 

Large Installation Administration (LIA) 

— Large Scale Virtualization 

— Container Orchestration 

— Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery 

— Data Centers 

— Disaster Recovery 

High Availability Clusters 

IT service management 

 Backup, Monitoring 

Storage Cluster 

Advanced Security 

— Wireless Security 

— Database Security 

— Web Security (web vulnerabilities discover and exploitation) 

— Introduction to Reverse Engineering 

— Debugging and disassembling 

— Binary Exploitation 

 IDS/ IPS systems and network evasion techniques 

CyberCrime and Forensics (CCF) 

— Law and regulations

— Acquiring of digital evidence 

— Recovering information 

— Anti-forensics 

— File systems analysis 

 Volatile information analysis 

 Malware analysis 

— Operating systems and network forensics artifacts

 Incidents Response 


Offensive Technologies (OT) 

— Fuzzing, Scanning 

 Advanced exploitation techniques

 Penetration testing techniques (blackbox vs whitebox)

 Vulnerability code assessment (OWASP and other methodologies) 

 Offensive tools (Metasploit, Powershell Empire, NMAP, BurpSuite and so on) 

 Physical security

Availability of a specialized network security laboratory 

Practical-oriented courses Addressing relevant industry challenges 

Development of teamwork skills 

Guest lectures and practical seminars from professionals and industry representatives 

The opportunity to work on your own ideas and projects 

Innopolis University stays in touch with alumni, continuing to advise and assist in solving engineering and business tasks.

In 2018, 100% of the graduates were offered job placements at the partner companies of Innopolis University: Ak Bars Digital Technology, Group-IB, Soramitsu, Acronis, and others. 

Alumni took the following positions: 

— IT Project Manager; DevOps; 

— Leading developer; 

— Network Engineer; 

— Architect of information security systems; 

— Specialist in computer forensics.

— Penetration Tester Specialist


Admissions Committee
+7 (843) 203-92-53 (ext. 254)

Postal Address

420500 Innopolis, Russia 1, Universitetskaya Str.

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