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Master's Degree Programs

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Master's degree programs

Master of Science in Software Engineering

The program is designed according to the curriculum of Carnegie Mellon University (USA) program in Software Engineering that is among the TOP-3 universities in the world in the category of Computer Science and Information Systems in 2019

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Master of Science in Security and Network Engineering

The curriculum is based on System and Network Engineering program of the University of Amsterdam — the best master's program in the category "Computer Science" in Netherlands in 2018 (according to Keuzegids)

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Master of Science in Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence program is aimed at providing students with real-industry Data Science skills: from definig a business problem to presenting the work results, solution implementation and reporting. The program is focused at Machine Learning approaches

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The Robotics and Computer Vision Master program

The program was developed based on best world practices applied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Sapienza University of Rome, National University of Singapore. The program includes a number unique courses based on recent academic and technological research in the field of robotics, developed and taught by internationally recognized experts in the field.

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How to enroll?


Place an application

1. Register in admissions portal account 

2. Fill in the application 

3. Add CV, motivation letter written in the English language 

4. Take online English testing and Professional testing

5. Submit an application



Proceed to further selection rounds

Successful applications are selected for further consideration. The next selection round includes:

— Professional testing, 

— English language testing 

— interview with IU professor conducted in English 

— Soft skills assessment 

NB: The interviews and tests are to be taken remotely. 

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Receive the interview results and the scholarship offer/ACCEPTANCE LETTER

Pay tuition fee (for non-Scholarship students).

Provide your enrollment and visa documents and come to Innopolis in mid-August.