Computer Science


Computer Science



Computer science

We train top developers for the best companies in the IT market. Your work product will be used by hundreds of thousands of people. We will teach you how to make high-quality and safe software, work in a team and implement complex projects.


Duration: 4 years of full-time studies (3 of them are full-time academic studies and the 4th year is devoted to consolidating skills and working in the industry).

Language of study: English

Academic year start date: mid-August After four years in Innopolis, you will be a great expert with a good academic background and a whole year of industrial experience. 

Fundamental courses
At this stage, the foundation is being laid. The two pillars are computer science and mathematics. You will study the basics of programming, computer architecture, design, logic, discrete mathematics, calculus, linear algebra. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this knowledge! This is what separates university education from online courses that teach you how to use tools blindly.
Track specialization
Two specializations within the profile of Computer Science:

• Software Development

• Cybersecurity

Three specializations within the profile of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence:

• Data Science

• Applied Artificial Intelligence

• Robotics 

1-year internship in the industry
Practice-oriented bachelor's degree is a unique feature of Innopolis. Gaining knowledge in three years of formal study, you will spend a whole year in the industry. IT is an applied field, skills are everything. Our task is to make you a strong specialist who can benefit and be sought after in the industry.

Career prospects


You can create self-driving cars, drones and robots that will conquer space. You can create artificial intelligence algorithms from predicting stock quotes to detecting diseases at an early stage.Or provide security for information networks and work on large-scale projects for the digitalization of enterprises. All of this is done by research engineers, leading data analysts, software developers, and project managers.

In 2021, 100% of graduates received job offers from partner companies of Innopolis University - Marketplace Technologies (KazanExpress), Yandex, Tinkoff, Ozon, Sberbank, MTS LAB, Soramitsu Lab and others. University graduates hold leading positions in IT companies. 

Admission Campaign 2022/23


60 scholarships available

to 400 USD

monthly allowance

from 2500 USD

tuition fee 




Register in the admissions portal account, fill in an application form with all the mandatory fields, take the tests (English, Computer Science and Math) and click “SUBMIT” to complete the application.


Successful applications are selected for further consideration. The next selection round includes:

— Profile testing in Computer Science and Math

— Programming test

— English language testing

— Interview with IU Professor

— Interview with HR expert 

NB: The Scholarship Contest goes online. 

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Get the scholarship offer by email and confirm it. Provide all enrollment and visa documents, pay tuition fee (for Partial Scholarship candidates) and come to Innopolis in mid-August.
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