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Bachelor's Degree Program

Fundamental knowledge for your IT career

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Computer Science

The Bachelor's Degree Program has been developed by the world's leading professors and experts in computer science, robotics and program engineering with academic experience in the world's top 100 universities. The curriculum has been developed in close cooperation with leading IT companies.The bachelor's degree program provides graduates with key professional competencies required by the IT industry.

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  • Motivation letter
  • Secondary school certificate/Diploma + Transcript

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Admission campaign 20/21


applications from international candidates


candidates considered

48 grants offered

Program content

Duration: 4 years of full-time academic training + 1 year of internship in IT industry. 

The educational program consists of three blocks: fundamental (core) courses, elective (elective) courses and team project (3-5 people).  

Year 1 and 2
During the first two years of study, students learn the basic concepts and tools of computer science, as well as fundamental sections of mathematics to prepare for more advanced subjects in the field in the following years.

32-week internship - starting from the first year of study - is available for students both in major IT companies and in start-ups and laboratories of Innopolis University.

Year 3
In the third year, students choose to focus on their knowledge and skills. There are currently three areas available: Software Development, Big Data, and Robotics.
Year 4
Students take core and elective courses according to the choosen area of study.

Applications closed till November 2020

— Knowledge of English (Intermediate level or higher); 

— Personal achievements: participation in Olympiads, competitions, conferences (with priority to the field of IT); 

— Excellent academic performance in Computer Science (topics for applicants) and Mathematics (topics for applicants); 

— Basic programming skills.

1 Year: 

Introduction to programming; 

Computer Architecture; 

Mathematical Analysis; 

Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra;

Discrete Math;


Data Structures and Algorithms;

Physics (Mechanics); 

Theoretical Computer Science; 


2 Year: 

Probability and Statistics;


Data Modeling and Databases;

Operating Systems;

Differential Equations;



Control Theory (Linear Control);

Introduction to AI; 

Software Project;

Stochastic Processes; 


Starting from the third year, students choose one of four specializations: 

 “Robotics and computer vision”, “Software development”, “Development of secure systems and networks”, “Data analysis and artificial intelligence”.

3 Year: 

Compilers Construction;

Software Architecture;

Distributed Systems;

Introduction to Big Data;

Control Theory;

Theoretical Mechanics;

Introduction to Robotics;

Fundamentals of Computer Security System & Network Administration;


Game Theory;

Software System Design;

Lean Software Development; 

Information Retrieval; 

Data Mining; 

Robotic Systems; 

Non-linear Optimization; 

Sensors and Sensor Mechanics and Machines; 

Network and Cyber Security;

SE Project; 

DS Project;

R Project; 

SB Project.  

 4 Yrear:


Mobile App Development; 

Statistical tech for DS; 

Numerical modeling;

Introduction to Computer Vision;

Distributed Ledger Tech;

Software Quality; 

Deep Learning;


Mobile Robots & Autonomous Driv.;

Business Analytics. 

Our graduates gain the skills to build successful careers in the following professions: 

— Software Architect; 

— Technical leader; 

— Project Manager; 

— Software Developer; 

-— IT Consultant; 

— Data analyst; 

— Engineer of robotics. 

Knowledge and skills:

— Control of requirements 

— Identification of requirement  

— Decision modeling 

— Software Product Analysis and Quality Control 

— Software Development Results Documentation 

— Creation of ultra-modern software design and architecture 

— Making responsible technical decisions with clear documentary justification 

— Planning for quality control, monitoring and reporting 

— Project Work Planning and Control Time Management

Here you can find examples of the last year tests which may help you to prepare for the Scholarship Contest. These tasks are equal to those that you face during the first and the second round of selection. Programming tasks are held during the second round of selection only. 

Math (test)

Informatics (test)

Programming (coding tasks)


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420500 Innopolis, Russia 1, Universitetskaya Str.

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